Having worked as a telesales rep and experienced problems with his mental health in the past whilst coping with the stresses of work and his mothers diagnosis with Alzheimers and rapid decline, Alex learned the hard way that resilient mental wellbeing is achieved the same was as anything else: consistent practice. He is passionate about helping people change the stories they have about themselves so they can live a more contended, happy and fulfilled life. 

Alex holds a BSc in Psychology, is a certified Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner, Coach and is currently researching the psychological benefits of Stoicism. An experienced speaker in the personal development world, and a coach and therapist for a combined 9 years, he specialises in helping people achieve a quiet mind for improved resilience, confidence and self-esteem. He has seen many fads and ‘magic pill’ approaches to wellbeing come and go, leaving people with a ‘yoyo diet’ approach to mental health. Hearing Alex speak is to hear the rational, motivating antidote to such approaches.

His mission is to help people understand their problems, from crippling social anxiety to procrastination to poor anger management, and give them the tools and techniques they need to improve their wellbeing. With a strong emphasis on personal responsibility, he believes in a courageous, action-oriented approach to managing your inner demons.