Published Author, Hypnotist,Healer,Trainer and Globally Renowned Telepathic Animal Communicator,with 25 years experience in energy work .

Becky exploded into the public eye last year after finding a lost pet Skunk !!

she has had global recognition in national newspapers and TV for her unique gift of finding lost pets all over the world .

Using higher sensory perception, and extra sensory perception she is able to exactly locate lost pets and reunite them with their owners, more recently a dog lost in the outback of Australia.

Her precision is astonishing when describing where the lost pet is , even down to street names and house numbers, doing this remotely from her home .

Becky also does Horse & Dog Communication and has been known to pick up the exact location of the animals pain and what is wrong with them .

She runs a successful Hypnosis , Animal communication and Lost Pet Service practice in Devon where she works in person and Globally.

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