Benjamin’s first career was as a musician, most notably a founding member of extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. In this role he toured the world for five years and recorded three critically acclaimed albums.

After several other successful musical adventures Benjamin rekindled his childhood interest in magic and started learning about mentalism and hypnotism. A chance conversation led to the opportunity to try and cure a friend of a flying phobia with hypnosis.

This was unexpectedly successful and more experimentation and learning in this area continued, until in 2013 Benjamin trained in hypnotherapy with Anthony Jacquin.

Subsequently he has trained with many of the big names in the industry including Bob Burns, Karl Smith and the Elman family.

Progressively working more and more in the area of hypnotherapy, Benjamin’s admittedly short attention span has led him to be active in lots of other areas of hypnosis too. He’s been involved with the production of TV and theatre shows, and regularly gives talks to clubs, groups or societies on all aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He has also taught whole courses as well as individual classes for UK Hypnosis Academy

In 2016 Benjamin started working in cooperation with Australian hypnotist Christopher Phoenix in the area of hypno-anaesthesia for tattoos. The pair successfully showed that a significant degree of hypnotic pain reduction is available to most people. Despite conventional wisdom on the matter they showed that many people can even experience (what has been reported by clients as) chemical quality anaesthesia. This phenomena was previously thought to be a rarity.

The efficacy of their approach has been demonstrated over and over, working with many real clients during the tattooing process. Benjamin has talked about this work and demonstrated his approach at some of the UK’s biggest tattoo conventions, and he will be bringing this same talk to the Hypnosis Meetups Live event, tailored to give hypnotists the inside track on how he works.