Dr Cheryl Chapman is an International Multi-Award Winning Speaker, Trainer and Author.

And the simple 3 step process also helps you to understand WHY you are where you are right now …the positives and the potential blocks, barriers and beliefs that could be holding you back from more success.

As a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Neuro Linguistic Programmer she has guided thousands of International Entrepreneurs, Experts and Employees to become “even more frickin’ awesome”

In 2017 Cheryl was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for Global Leadership.
She is on a mission to guide 10 million people to STOP asking Why me? And STARTS saying Why not me!
In 2015 she co-authored The Award-Winning Book “Find Your WHY to become frickin’ awesome” and launched The Find Your WHY Foundation in 2016.
With The A.I.M To Find Your WHY Programyou can discover your WHY, your purpose, your passion ..the reason WHYyou are here on this planet called Earth.