Karyn Holt is a hypnotherapist, Strategic Life Coach, EFT/TFT Practitioner and Law of Attraction Practitioner and she has a purpose:

“The purpose of my life is to inspire and assist women to accept and love their bodies just as they are. To empower women to exude phenomenal sexual confidence by flicking their subconscious switch on so that they can have the sex lives they desire and deserve”.

Over the next 12 months Karyn’s mission is to help 1,000 women see how amazing and beautiful their bodies are, just as they are, through her coaching packages and in her private Facebook group MISSION: Sexual Goddess. Karyn is currently accepting requests for both her group and packages.

After spending almost 30 years in the corporate world, Karyn suffered acute depression due work and family stresses. After attempting suicide 3 times in early 2018, Karyn became very interested in the mind and holistic therapies, looking for a different way to ‘cure’ herself of depression. This was the eye-opening moment when Karyn realised she needed to follow her heart and help people. So in August 2018, she left the corporate world and established Transform Be You.

Karyn’s body and sexual confidence issues began consciously after she was raped at the age of 18. These issues continued for 30 years, regardless of how slim she became. Even at her lightest weight of 7st 12lbs (size 8), Karyn could only see size 14 Karyn every time she looked in the mirror. She was her biggest body shamer, constantly hating her body from her shoulder to her knees, anything in between filled her with disgust and hatred. However, during a hypnotherapy session, Karyn discovered that she was called short and chubby when she was 7, this was when her confidence evaporated.

She is a mum to a 20 year old daughter and had a total hysterectomy at the age of 42, further enhancing her body image issues. One morning Karyn woke up and just decided enough was enough. She began to accept and love her body just as it is and that’s when
incredible things started happening. Her body started to transform into its blueprinted shape and size.

“Prior to this day I saw my life being a constant battle of fad diets, ridiculous exercise regimes, spending lots of money only to continue to have no confidence. I realised that life is meant to be lived and if I continued to hate my body then I wouldn’t be living. I am not my body, it s simply the vessel that holds my soul and that is me.”
With the epiphany that our body doesn’t define us, Karyn set up MISSION: Sexual Goddess in order to help other women struggling with their body image issues. She has a monthly show on Expat Radio and is published each month for One Tribe magazine.