“I used to program computers – now I de-program people.”

It was the diagnosis of her second ‘incurable autoimmune conditions’ that woke Marion to the truth of “Who is responsible for me and my body?”. She decided her health and wellness needed to take priority, and she was actually in charge. This happened in 2008 when Marion had been working successfully in the I.T sector for over 25 years.

Even though she appeared very successful in her career, she wasn’t happy, healthy or fulfilled in life, this diagnosis was the kick up the a*** she needed…

After a long personal, emotional and spiritual rehabilitation, she discovered how to regain her health, revitalise her life and revive her joy of life! She’s finally found her WHY, her place, her purpose, her true self and how to express it all. 

Since then she’s dedicated her entire life to helping others find exactly that too! 

By discovering how to access the super-intelligence of the body, Marion has now helped hundreds of others discover their own divinity and take charge of their own lives and she has reversed almost all of the symptoms she had without medication or surgery.

Marion now runs and works in multiple businesses, she has won multiple awards for coaching, teaching and as an author.

Marion is a co-creator of the Find Your WHY! Foundation, which helps people to Find their WHY! and become frickin’ awesome.

Together Marion and Cheryl Chapman the other co-creator, make a great team and are the founders of the amazingly inspiring “WHYS Women” community. They have written a variety of transformational books and came together to write and produce this “Find Your WHY” book giving you access to their combined wisdom of 108 years!

They are dedicated to help people, like you to Find Your WHY one free book at a time.

Marion is also the founder of Corporate Yoga London and creator of Stage Fright Away, she helps people to enjoy living productively, peacefully, presenting, performing, and ENJOYING showing up and speaking up as their authentic selves. 

In 2017 Marion was awarded an honorary doctorate for global leadership and peace initiatives.