Paul is an accomplished therapist in the prestigious Harley Street, London and in Norwich, Norfolk. His motivation to learn has taken him across the world to study from the best in their disciplines. He seamlessly combines many modalities in a fluent session and gets rapid, thorough results with his clients.

He teaches how to be a dynamic therapist rather than a ‘one technique to suit all’ approach which is a blend of modern methods mixed in with classical approaches to give the best chance of success and this is reflected in his teachings.


The Power of Intention

How can intention influence your life and your practice? We will look at how intention can direct the outcome in your professional, personal and social life. There are so many examples throughout history whereas the intent of a leader creates change in his/her people by creating a belief in what is being said. We will look at how intent is behind everything from religion to hypnosis to a successful shopping trip!

We will discuss:

  • What is intention
  • Creating buy in during a pre-talk
  • How to identify what your client’s intention is
  • Intention Experiments
  • How energy affects matter

This one-hour workshop is designed to make you think about the direction of your intention and understand the power of your thoughts and the influence they have on you and your surroundings.