Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go a method of dramatic reduction in chronic pain or the complete removal of it. OldPain2Go utilises the concept of BrainBargaining which is at the heart of therapy work. Steven has had a great interest in Hypnotherapy since he was 7 and at 66 has had 9 years as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.

His main skill is in taking really complex subjects and explaining them simply. As a child he took all his toys to bits to understand how they worked and was an avid reader. He carries to this day the same childish enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to learn everyday about life and how the mind operates.

Talk – “OldPain2Go®” is a method of removing pain messages that no longer serve a purpose. It is pain removal rather than pain management. Steven will explain how trance isn’t required to talk to the unconscious and have it correct the program the client no longer wants.

Steven started developing OldPain2Go 9 years ago and teaching it 3 years ago, since then he has taught over 1,200 people. OldPain2Go® can also be mapped across to emotional pain and is more a way of understanding a client and helping them than it is a technique.