My name is Tammy Lodge and I’m a change-maker, a leader of self-love and dreams. A voice in the dark who wants the world to know just how lovable they are. Imagine, just for one moment, that you are so amazing, so lovable, so perfect beyond measure…just as you are.

We live our lives, not knowing this, because we can’t see it until we get there. That disconnect you feel, that yearning for more…that question you ask, “is this really life?” I know – I was there – fast asleep. But, can you dare to dream a dream? Can you imagine, just for one moment, that you could awaken from this life?

Into a new experience where it feels like a pure playground – more loving, more compassionate, more understanding, more flowing. Where we become a caring, sharing society, less focused on work-work-work, more focused on being a co-operative community with less worries.

Hear how I achieved self-love on my own personal journey and how I have been guided to lead others to do the same. I’d love you to join this revolution, where we are literally over the rainbow, where skies are blue. If you feel drawn to this post, then it is just for you! See you in May 2020.

Tammy Lodge: Hypnotherapist, Healer, Guernsey Health & Wellness Show Founder & Orgainiser, Community Change Maker