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Bob also runs many workshops around the world where he teaches his own brand of hypnosis, specialising in mainly his very own protocols. But he makes it clear that first and foremost he is a fulltime clinical hypnotist (well, for 40 weeks of the year at least )
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Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go a method of dramatic reduction in chronic pain or the complete removal of it. OldPain2Go utilises the concept of BrainBargaining which is at the heart of therapy work.
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Tim Box is a remedial hypnotist who has successfully run a flourishing full time hypnosis practice in the South East of England for the last seven years. He is an international speaker, practitioner trainer and bestselling author.
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Stephen Travers is the Director of U.K. and International Havening, & one of the worlds most skilled & experienced International Havening Techniques Trainers.

He works alongside the creators of Havening, Drs Ronald & Steven Ruden in this breakthrough neuroscientific approach for healing trauma & anxiety based disorders.

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He is also author of the self-help book Stop Smoking: It’s a Doddle (2015) and other publications, including Man Up Lose Weight: It’s a Doddle (2016) and a contributor to Hypnotherapy Experts (2016). His practice was presented with the UK’s ‘Hypnotherapy Business of the Year 2015/16’ award by ‘The Hypnotherapy Business School’.
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Working Stoically - How Stoicism can improve your therapeutic practice

When working with clients, the primary concern is always on facilitating powerful change and resolving the issue that has brought them in front of you. Too often the notion of aftercare has been relegated to a follow up call after a few months with the option of providing more sessions if a new problem has arisen.
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Grant uses a combination of hypnosis, dry wit and a pinch of silliness and is sure to entertain.
Grant has spent years perfecting his technique to HYPNOTISE, ENTERTAIN and AMAZE as he guides you into a world where dreams become reality.

Performing hypnosis, don’t be a chicken.
How the techniques from the stage can help skyrocket your confidence and your bank balance.
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Barry Neale is a hypnotist with over 45 years of experience of hypnosis and changework. He has been an NLP and Hypnosis trainer for 25 years and has spent tens of thousands of pounds studying with the best of the best all over the world. He was the developer of the £1000 a day Hypnosis system which taught 374 people in the UK his powerful methods for helping clients stop smoking in the early noughties.
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Karyn Holt is a hypnotherapist, Strategic Life Coach, EFT/TFT Practitioner and Law of Attraction Practitioner and she has a purpose:

“The purpose of my life is to inspire and assist women to accept and love their bodies just as they are. To empower women to exude phenomenal sexual confidence by flicking their subconscious switch on so that they can have the sex lives they desire and deserve”.
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An introduction to Integral Eye Movement Therapy
Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a developing area in rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being.
How to become an authority in your niche and attract high quality clients

Do you often struggle to get clients? When you do, are they the type you actually want to work with? There is nothing worse than being great at your job, only to attract the wrong type of client who really doesn’t appreciate what it is that you do.
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Bev has the amazing achievement of her skills being recognised internationally and being requested to teach in other countries – this is quite an accolade that not many trainers can boast of.

Bev has a sharpness for dynamic therapy and mixes classical with modern and this is reflected in her teaching style. Her initial trainings took her from Chinese meridian therapy to NLP to deep trauma recovery and hypnotic trance states mixed in with eye movement protocols and her passion is showing how these can be blended together with a dynamically trained mind.
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Paul is an accomplished therapist in the prestigious Harley Street, London and in Norwich, Norfolk. His motivation to learn has taken him across the world to study from the best in their disciplines. He seamlessly combines many modalities in a fluent session and gets rapid, thorough results with his clients.

He teaches how to be a dynamic therapist rather than a ‘one technique to suit all’ approach which is a blend of modern methods mixed in with classical approaches to give the best chance of success and this is reflected in his teachings.
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How to use your body's supreme intelligence to guide your self enquiry and your self healing journey.
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Benjamin works primarily as a hypnotherapist from his treatment rooms in the ancient market town of Sudbury in Suffolk. He has helped people with all sorts of issues, but with an admitted short attention span he has never stopped experimenting and looking for new areas in which hypnosis can be helpful.

From helping people change their thought patterns or behaviours, through to pain management and sports performance, this work has led Benjamin to involvement in many interesting projects, one of which is using hypnosis for anaesthesia in a tattoo studio - the subject of his talk at Hypno Meetups Live.
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Jennie has enjoyed an extensive career in the training and development profession.

She has successfully tutored hundreds of Diploma Graduates some of whom have gained Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner status, the highest level of qualification that the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council can bestow. She has been Head of Training and Development and has delivered a number of “Train the Trainer” programmes to various corporate clients as well as successfully coaching people in both public and private sectors to develop their performance standards.
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1 in 2 people born since 1960 will experience cancer at some time in their lives. This presentation will give delegates a better understanding of the patient’s cancer journey and how they can assist with that journey with the use of hypnotic interventions. It will give an overview of what cancer is, along with an insight into the patient’s journey. It will look at the legal and ethical implications of working in this area and give ideas on what to work with and how!

I will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to allow you to improve your offering to cancer patients. It will also introduce the exciting possible implications that Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) could have on your future approaches.

Case histories, examples and tips will be given.
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In healthcare for 27 years. Have advised on primary healthcare to British government, as well as foreign governments and the EU.

After critical injuries including a brain injury and PTSD in a bomb blast in 04 in Iraq, I recovered over several years and retrained in the psychologies from frontline care provision.

Passionate about medical and clinical hypnosis and other psychotherapies and the neuropsychology behind them.

Won the highly commended status in the national FHT award Complementary Therapist of the Year for my work with the children and parents affected directly in the Manchester Arena bombing.
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Dr Cheryl Chapman is an International Multi-Award Winning Speaker, Trainer and Author.

And the simple 3 step process also helps you to understand WHY you are where you are right now …the positives and the potential blocks, barriers and beliefs that could be holding you back from more success
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My name is Tammy Lodge and I’m a change-maker, a leader of self-love and dreams.

A voice in the dark who wants the world to know just how lovable they are. Imagine, just for one moment, that you are so amazing, so lovable, so perfect beyond measure…just as you are.
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I first developed an interest in Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy over 25 years ago after I suffered a life threating medical emergency which was eventually diagnosed as too much stress, brought on by trying to balance my young family,

Being self employed and my hectic work life (which included traveling all over the country). I was eventually prescribed medication, which I did take at first, but I also researched other forms of treatment and thankfully Clinical Hypnotherapy was the answer.
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